Some of the best moments are in the in-between ones.

Welcome to Augusta Birth Photography and Documenting Everyday::Family Storytelling Photography!! 

I'm Jennifer Crow and since 2011, I have specialized in Birth photography - the ultimate documentary session!  There is no greater life changing event than the birth of your baby and it is a story that should be photographed so you can relive it for generations to come.  Your family should be IN the photos with you.  They are parts of this story. You need to see their emotion during this life changing day and not have them working behind the camera.  Your wedding photographer told the story of the day you became a wife, let me tell the story of the day you become a mom... it will be the most important in your life.

With the growing popularity of documentary sessions and the desire to continue telling the story of my clients outside the delivery room, I expanded in 2017 to document all the everyday moments of your beautiful ordinary life -- Documenting Everyday::Family Storytelling Photography was born!  I can grow with your family as they enter each new stage of life.  I want you to have a growing series of albums on your shelves from each year of your life to always enjoy as you look back on your family's legacy. Milestones, events, high school Seniors, Day in the Life sessions... each of these will capture the relationships and emotional connections you have with those you love.

I serve families in the Augusta, Georgia area, Aiken & Columbia, South Carolina areas, and all of the CSRA.  I would love to work with you too. In some instances, I am available to travel.

To me, photography is an art of observation.
It's about finding something interesting
in an ordinary place...
I've found it has little to do with the
things you see and everything to do
with the way you see them.

-Elliott Erwitt